Website Disclaimer

This site “FaceToFaceHealthOnline” is a communication platform that connects patients and health care providers. All participants agree that it is to be used only for medical information. The goal of the site is to give real access and knowledge to all people. Providers and patients do not manufacture, sell or distribute medical cannabis. Providers and patients acknowledge that each state may have laws that are different form state to state  and differ from the overall federal government regulations. Providers and patients have both agreed that it is their responsibility to investigate all legal rulings that govern their respective residence.

What is Face to Face Heath Online?

Face to Face Health Online is a telemed platform that allows any person to speak directly with a qualified health care provider. Real access to real medical education will result in good personal decisions. Face to Face appointments connect patients and health care providers in real video time.

How To Use Our Technology

It is very simple to use-


  • create an account
  • review the individual health care biographies
  • pick a time to speak to a provider
  • receive an email or text 15 minutes prior to appointment
  • open up your account and begin!



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